Jason and Jessica

Jessica and Jason Collins

Tell us who you are.

Jason: I am originally from Southern California, and moved up to Sacramento June of 2000. I never thought I would like to live in Sacramento, but I have really grown to the Northern California way of life. I have worked for SMUD for almost 15 years and have been married for almost 18 years this April. I love the desert, camping, travelling and most of I love to hike. If I could hike for a living, I would. I love my life of where it has taken me - I have my wife, great friends and family and my spoiled dogs and selfish cat. Can’t ask for more than that.

Jessica: I have lived in Sacramento most of my life. Born here, then our family moved to Pennsylvania, then to Iran ( yes you heard me right)and lived there for 2 ½ years, traveled a bit after that and finally came back to the states and our family finally settled down back in Sacramento. Dec of 1996 I decided to move to Portland, Oregon, so in January of 1997 I packed up my things and moved. 11 months later, Jason came up to Portland to visit some mutual friends, he and I met - fell in love, married in 1999. Two things I have always told myself I would never do…. I would NEVER move to a different city or state for a guy OR marry a guy from Southern California, well obviously I should have said “ Never say never”.

What got you into craft beer?

Jason: I always loved drinking beer, but didn’t realize I was drinking swill, until the weekend I came up to visit one of my best friends Scott in Portland, Oregon in December 1997. There were breweries everywhere, I finally knew what good beer tasted like. I met Jessica on that trip, we started a long distance relationship, but came up to Portland practically every month and we always tried the new breweries out and of course had a few of our favorites.

Jess: I had a lot of guy-friends who loved good beer, and loved making beer. Rubicon was a constant hang out place here in Sacramento in the early 90’s, and when our friends from Fort Bragg told us that North Coast Brewing were opening a new tap room, we all drove the 3 ½ hours and drank to our hearts content! Then when I moved to Portland Oregon in 1997, I got spoiled with amazing beer!

How do you perceive the Sacramento beer scene?

Jason: I find it impressive. Its been a long time coming and I feel like we are finally there. I do feel that it is still evolving and am excited to see where it takes us.

Jess: I Love it!! I love that I can go to one of our favorite restaurants to grab a bite to eat, and know I can order a local beer brewed here in Sacramento. We always look forward to Beer Week- a good boost of some hops to carry us thru the spring/summer!

How long have you been coming to Device?

Jason: December of 2013, just a few months after it opened- haven’t stopped coming since

Jess: I am bit behind Jason on this one… Back in 2013/14 I was traveling a lot for work- worked out of town Mon-Friday and I think the first time I came may have been in January of 2014. Jason picked me up from the Airport and said I had to try the Double IPA at this place.

Why Device?

Jason: The beer is exceptional and hands down has my most favorite Double IPA in town. Everyone that has worked there has been top notch. Jess and I look forward to seeing our favorite servers in town and having a good chat. Alana and Jeff make our time at Device that much better.

Jess: You walk into Device, you feel like you are part of the family. I am with Jason on this one - definitely has the best beer in town, along with an exceptional staff! I love seeing all of the staff bring their kids in and just watching all of them grow from being babies, to toddlers to big kids is priceless. I have to say that since Feb of 2014, I have had some family tragedies in my life, and when I have come into Device and I see the staff behind the bar like Jeff or Alana, they will give me one of their amazing beautiful smiles and a much-needed hug, shows they really care. They have shown love and support to Jason and I, despite going thru their own life trials. It is pretty amazing we all can have a “good chat” as Jason calls it, and have a few laughs for the night. We all need a few good laughs in life! Better with a beer in hand!

What's your favorite beer at Device?

Jason: Anguish Double IPA! Always consistent and the hop character is just right

Jess: Anguish - I can’t fully explain why, but it is just that good. I really like the other beers too, and appreciate them, but always go back to having my favorite Anguish!

What is your most memorable experience at Device?

Jason: Probably the 2015 Beer week. Jess and I came early on a Sat afternoon and we saw buses dropping people off and realized this place was really blowing up in the Sac Brew Scene. I was really proud of what Ken had created in just a short time.

Jess: hmmm that is a hard one… we have brought so many friends from out of town even different states and we always have a great time. But I have to say my favorite times are the times Jason and I walk in the door and “OUR” two corner seats are available at the end of the bar for us. I love sitting there, Jason and I can have a “good chat “ about our day.