Magic Mike

Mr. Mike Mallett "Magic Mike"

Tell us who you are.

I am a 2nd generation Sacramentan, born and raised in the River City.  Attended Christian Brothers High School when it was an all gentlemen's school.  Graduated from UC Davis in 1974 BA Psychology, MA in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa in 2006.  Had a wonderful career in Customer Service with a fly-by-night airline, am married 41 years with 4 daughters, 2 grandsons and 3 grand daughters.  Have 2 geriatric dogs and a young French Bulldog who rule our life.

What got you into craft beer?

I was a home brewer in the 70s, looking for "something" better than Miller.  Rubicon was our early pioneer in the area, and Anchor had the best in my mind at the time.  Suddenly Sierra Nevada came on the with FLAVOR! What a concept.  Now, spoiled by Device.

How do you perceive the Sacramento beer scene?

Sacramento craft brew scene is evolving as tastes mature and opportunity breeds competition. 

How long have you been coming to Device?

I have been coming to Device weekly since the opening, except for a month long trek on the Camino De Santiago in Portugal and Spain.  First tasted Device Integral and Brits at The Shack before the brewery was officially opened.  Was the best beer I had tasted in years.  Still is.

Why Device?

There are so many different styles of beer available to a brewer, yet, many stay to the tried and true, based on their customer's loyalty to a specific flavor profile...a smart business relationship to have.  Device accomplishes this as well AND maintains a spirit of experimentation and inquiry into the possible.  That's why I come back weekly, to see what else is possible.

What's your favorite beer at Device?

My current favorite is the Pincushion Pils.  That's the current "go-to".  Bottomtooth is a best buddy too!  I drink them all, but when I'm in a thirst mode, Pils does it for me.

What is your most memorable experience at Device?

The second anniversary party would be memorable, if I could only recall it!  Memory is "state specific", and I don't always reside in that state.

Any last thoughts or stories you'd like to share?

Device is crafting remarkable beers by any measure.  At the same time, there is genuine concern and commitment to Quality First and Customer Experience.  Pretty much, if you don't leave the brewery with a smile on your face, it's your own fault!