Mike Carlson

Mr. Mike Carlson

Tell us who you are.

I was born in Tacoma, Washington many moons ago and moved to the South Sacramento area when I was 12. I attended schools in South Sac and eventually graduated from Sac State. I spent 6 years working at United Parcel Service before moving into the insurance claim world for over 30 years. I also spent 8 years as a volunteer fire fighter in El Dorado County. I enjoy spending time with my family, kids and grandkids who have all been to Device at one time or another.

What got you into craft beer?

It was craft beer that got into me, literally. Actually I used to go to Sacramento Brewing Company located on Madison when it was still in business. I would get my keg filled there for my kegerator.  Red Horse Ale was my go-to beer. After that, I spent 4 years back in 2007 in Aurora, Illinois near Chicago. I located a brewery called Payton's Roundhouse. It was owned by ex-football great, Walter Payton before his unfortunate passing, and then owned by others. There was a brewmaster that I got to know there. He intoduced me to some ales and dry-hopped beers. I would also get my keg filled there. I moved back to Sacramento in 2011. Racer 5 became my go-to until Device opened up, and the rest is history.

How do you perceive the Sacramento beer scene?

It grew fast and now there are many choices. It is great to see expansions, i.e Device, and unfortunate to see others not make it.

How long have you been coming to Device?

My wife used to commute down Howe Avenue/Power Inn Road. She saw the Device sign on the corner of 14th Avenue. She told me about it and I made the discovery. This is right near the time Device opened. I have been going to Device ever since.

Why Device?

I would ask, why not Device? It is simple. Its the beer and the people that work there that make it stand out above others.

What's your favorite beer at Device?

Anguish, Anguish and Anguish. That is usually what you find in my kegerator. I love the taste and as you can see, there are beers in my resume. I have also tried other Device beers and have never been disappointed.

What is your most memorable experience at Device?

Attending last year's Anniversary party. It was a little warm, but the beer was cold. 

Any last thoughts or stories you'd like to share?

I really enjoy hanging out at Device. I always feel welcome. The Device beers are the most consistent tasting beers compared to other breweries. I am an avid supporter and tell others about Device whenever I can.