Seasonal Beers

Beer With Purpose

Our list of seasonal brews. 

Bottomtooth English-Style Pale Ale (Special/Best Bitter)

This low-carbonation English session ale is rich with flavor and is brewed in the spirit of England's finest pale ales. 

4.1% ABV - 34 IBU

In the Afterglow Munich Helles

A crisp and light German-Style Lager. This tasty brew is perfect on a warm day and leaves you wanting more.

5.2% ABV - 16 IBU

Dirndl Lifter Märzen Lager

A traditional Oktoberfest German-Style Amber Lager. Brewed with German malts, hops, and lager yeast, this rich lager is cold fermented in the true lager fashion. 

5.5% ABV - 45 IBU

Summer Crush Hoppy Pale Ale

Hoppy West Coast Style Pale Ale. Beautiful hop aroma using Simcoe hops without being overly bitter. 

5.6% ABV - 45 IBU

Winter Heartbreak Hoppy Pale Ale

A cold weather variation of our favorite summertime release, Summer Crush.  

5.6% ABV - 45 IBU

Haze: On Saison

French farmhouse-style ale fermented at warm temperatures to provide the characteristic flavor profile of a classic Saison. Light clove, pepper and fruity notes. 

5.3% ABV - 18 IBU

Double You Belgian-Style Dubbel

A delicious Belgian-style Dubbel brewed in the spirit of Belgium's finest beers. Dark Belgian candi sugar, Chateau Special B, and CaraMunich give this beer a deep amber color, and subtle notes of dried fruits, such as raisins and prunes. 

8.0% ABV - 20 IBU

Blond Ambition Belgian-Style Golden Strong Ale

A lovely Belgian-style strong ale brewed with lemon and orange zest, as well as anise seed. This was the winning recipe by Phil Csik from the Sixth Handle Homebrew Competition.

8.5% ABV - 30 IBU

Basilica 3xIPA

A beer designed for the extreme hop head. This massive West Coast Triple IPA boasts 10.5% ABV and over 100 IBU. Double dry hopped with Mosaic hops or an even more intense aroma. What's up with the name? With a healthy dose of Mosaic hops, this aromatic masterpiece is a tribute the mosaic art in St. Mark's Basilica

10.5% ABV - 130 IBU