The Brewery


(This page is for the hardcore beer geeks)

            Our beautiful custom-built 7 BBL brewhouse from Bennett Forgeworks

          Our beautiful custom-built 7 BBL brewhouse from Bennett Forgeworks

Brewhouse: Custom-Made in Colorado, Twin 7 BBL Bennett Forgeworks Direct Fired, Insulated 3-Vessel System powered by two 200,000 BTU Midco Power Burners and Supplied by a 200,000 BTU Rinnai On-Demand Hot Water. 1600 lb Grist Case with 4" Grist Hydrator and Three-Piece V-Wire False Bottom.

Fermenters: Four 7 BBL and Three 30 BBL Premier Stainless Cylindro-conical Unitanks. Our beers are fermented, dry-hopped, fined, and carbonated in a single tank. We do not use brite tanks.

Our typical brew day starts very early in the morning. We circulate 165F water though a sprayball in the mash tun to preheat. Our milled grain is hand-loaded into the 120 lb grist case. The on-demand hot water unit is set to the appropriate temperature and delivers hot water into the grist hydrator as the malt falls into the mash tun. This process takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the grain bill. After a single mash rest, the vorlauf begins and continues until the wort has clarified. After that, the runoff starts along with sparging until the boil kettle is full and desired pre-boil gravity is achieved. The wort is boiled with hops, a whirlpool is performed, and the knockout is commenced through a stainless steel heat exchanger. The chilled wort is moved into a clean, sanitary fermenter and the line is chased with 185F water. A yeast sample is then taken from the brink and placed under our microscope. A cell count and viability test is performed to determine the density and health of the yeast slurry. The required number of healthy yeast cells required is calculated (for Basilica, roughly 12 trillion cells!) and the appropriate poundage of yeast slurry is determined and injected into the fresh, oxygenated brewers wort. The glycol jackets are turned on and the fermentation begins.