The Brothers Brannan

Jared and Sean Brannan

The Brothers Brannan: Sean and Jared

Sean and Jared Brannan have been coming to Device since early 2014. Ken was still working behind the bar and remembers their first visit to Device. "I remember this extremely enthusiastic guy coming to bar and buying a growler." says Ken. "Before I knew it, he was getting ready to drink it straight out of the growler! After giving him the low-down on growlers he put the growler in the cold room and ordered a pint." Within a few weeks they were regulars, coming into the taproom practically every day we were open. Sean has been the first to check new release beers into Untappd on innumerable occasions, and Jared has been known to bake homemade pies for anniversary parties.

These two brothers absolutely exemplify the Device culture. They bring a positive, friendly attitude to every situation. They love craft beer. And they believe that the best beer around is brewed at Device Brewing! We had a chance to sit down with Sean and Jared to chat about their experiences at Device Brewing. Here's what they said.

Tell us who you are.

Sean: My name is Sean Brannan. I was born in Salinas, Ca in August of 1984, and moved to Sacramento when I was 7 years old. My brother Jared and I are part owners of our own local business.

Jared: I am a rock n roll ninja shogun.

What got you into craft beer?

Sean: I have always had a hard time enjoying the big names of mainstream beer. Not that they are bad, just that there wasn't much difference or variety to speak of. I spent years thinking Guinness was the best I could hope for beer-wise. Then I found my way into my first taproom and a whole world of beer opened up for me. It was more vast and  diverse than I'd ever suspected. I never really saw any reason to go back.

Jared: Two and a half years ago, all I knew of beer was Budweiser, Coors, and Miller. That, however, ended when I stopped by Device and tried all four of their beers when they first opened. It was the first time I tried an IPA and I wanted another. After that, I kept coming back as well as checking out other craft breweries. 

How do you perceive the Sacramento beer scene?

Sean: My first few years of serious craft beer exploration saw me in a lot of taprooms at first. There I found there were a ton of breweries in California. I see that each passing year the number of breweries grows, along with variety and high quality.

Jared: It's amazing! All of the breweries are cooperative and supportive of each other. 

How long have you been coming to Device?

Sean: Three February's ago (2014) I was brought into the fold and subsequently enlightened. 

Jared: A little over two and a half years now. It's perfectly located in the middle of where I live and work. I affectionately call Device my "Cheers". 

Why Device?

Sean: There are things that just are not easy to find in this world. Not just material things like a great beer, of which there are ample options at Device, but personal and emotional ones. I'm not saying that I always get emotional over beer, though at times...I do. I'm talking about having a place where you can feel comfortable and be yourself. Good days or bad, I can go to Device and know life in general can always get better. Purely because I know I'm not going to have to worry about anything I don't care to. I will be able to enjoy the good parts of life; that I'm in a place where good folks come to do the same, in their own way. This is a special place that is always on my way home.

Jared: It's a combination of the beer Ken and his staff devote themselves to as well as the location and the great people at Device. There is nothing quite like entered a place and everyone knows your name and welcomes you with a smile. 

What's your favorite beer at Device?

Sean: Favorite? As in I have to pick just one? Cruel question! One I'd prefer to address on a style-by-style basis. For the sake of time, I'll go with a Top 3 in no specific order:

Basilica - The King of IPAs at Device where IPA is king. Dangerously smooth and so much flavor.

Bottomtooth - Smooth and delightfully crist. An easy-drinker for any occasion.

Brits In Moscow - Liquid dessert. Not because it's sweet, but because it's as sweet as it is dark, and as dark as it is roasty. Beauty in balance.

Jared: It's between Red Light Green Light and Dubbel You.

What is your most memorable experience at Device?

Sean: I want to say it's the day Ken and Melissa asked me to run the quiz night. In truth though, it has to be my very first night when it became real. I had been running a quiz for close to a year at that point but was nervous like it was day one. Then it happened. I was walking in, saying hello to Ken and crew while trying to be calm. Then there was the subject of where I should stand to run the show. I was used to finding a spot on the floor to take advantage of my natural loudness. Ken had other ideas. "I was thinking right behind the bar." Ken says. I'm struck. Behind the bar? but... that's where the important people stand. People who are trusted with fine beer and its brewing. Me? I might insult D-list celebrities if I called myself one, I haven't...yet. Somehow here I was invited to stand on the big stage of the brewing world. Excitement replaced fear and I've been rocking Device Trivia Wednesdays behind the bar since. But it still feels cool to do it.

Jared: The first anniversary party for Device Brewing. It was when I realized how special Device is to the local community, from people like me and Sean, to influential groups such as The Power Inn Alliance.