The Team


the device team

Ken Anthony, Owner/Head Brewer

Ken was born and raised in Salinas, CA. He displayed an entrepreneurial spirit and die-hard work ethic early on, getting his first paper route at age 9, mowing neighbors lawns, washing cars, and buying/selling baseball cards. He has worked at a tire shop, French restaurant, art store, winery, numerous pizza places, Heavenly Valley Ski Resort, grocery stores, and of course engineering firms. He worked as a teaching assistant at UC San Diego, as well as a lab technician on a full-scale shake table. He tutored calculus and physics throughout college.

Ken attended the University of California at San Diego where he earned his B.S. and M.S. in Structural Engineering with an emphasis on the seismic design of concrete structures. Ken worked for T.Y. Lin International for six years designing bridges. While engineering was of great interest to him, he was far more passionate about craft beer. He moved from San Diego to Sacramento in 2011 to be closer to family after his son Matteo was born, and soon realized that this was the city to start a brewery in. For nearly two years, he planned and saved until his dream was finally realized in early 2013 when Device Brewing was founded. 

When Ken isn't at the brewery, he is an avid fan of Formula 1, professional tennis, and the NFL. He also plays the guitar and was once the front-man for a rock band in Sacramento in the early 2000s

Melissa Anthony, Owner

Melissa was born and raised in Salinas, CA. She worked in healthcare administration for 12 years and planned on pursuing a degree to advance her career in the healthcare field. After graduating from the University of California at San Diego with a B.A. in Human Development, her life quickly took an unexpected turn after the premature birth of her son. She found herself a stay-at-home mother and moving closer to family in Northern California. Melissa and Ken had always dreamed of opening a business at some point in their lives, so agreeing to open a brewery was not too far fetched. Melissa has always been up for adventure and has been Ken's sidekick in life's shenanigans.

When Melissa isn't working for the brewery or managing kids, she enjoys exercise, time with her family, hiking, and generally anything outdoors. 

Matteo & Noelle Anthony, Brewery Kids/Future Owners

Matteo is a self-proclaimed superhero. He enjoys a good glass of milk and can go head-to-head with a paleontologist over dinosaur knowledge. He loves throwing hops in the boil but avoids brew day clean-up.

Noelle is the youngest member of the Device Family. She prefers string cheese over cottage cheese. When she's not emptying kitchen drawers, she can be found greeting customers in the taproom. 

Alana McEfee, Lead Beertender

Alana was born and raised right here in Sacramento in the city of Orangevale. She grew up with a big family of 2 wonderful sisters and 3 amazing brothers and because of this she has a competitive nature and strong work ethic. With these attributes she was a natural leader on the soccer field where she captained her college team for two years. She has been in the service industry since she was 17 years old and quickly developed a love for great beer. (After she was 21 of course).  Her journey eventually led to Device and that is where she wants to be.  She started here in 2014 and during that time her and her husband had a beautiful baby girl and have been able to grow alongside Device as part of the family. 

Why Device? 

She remembers the first time she set foot in the taproom at Device. It was Valentine's Day, 2014 and her husband Bryce, knowing her love for great beer, took them on a date to Device. The first beer she tried was Derby Gurl amber ale and she immediately fell in love. This became their new spot to come and relax and have quality beer. They got to know Ken and Melissa and really liked them and what they were doing with their brewery. After a few months she got to talking with Ken and he said they were looking to start hiring some staff for the taproom. Well, she jumped at the chance to come work for Device and the rest is history. 


Bryce McEfee aka "The Brycemeister", Social Media/Events

According to his parents, Bryce was hatched under a rock right here in Sacramento.  He grew up and did things before venturing oh so far over the causeway for 4 years of college at UC Davis, and then came back to his roots and settled down.  A bit about the man of mystery, he doesn't really enjoy long walks on the beach, or candle lit dinners.  They are actually kind of scary in his humble opinion (i.e. wicked leg cramps and the possibility of catching on fire). He'd much rather be surrounded by family and friends enjoying amazing conversations and great beer. When not at the brewery, you'll find him hanging with his gorgeous wife, Alana, and adorable daughter, Lorelei with beer in hand or possibly on the soccer field, with beer in hand or pretending to be a writer slinging social media whims with beer in hand. Hmm there might be a theme here...good thing he gets to be around all the things he loves, family, friends, soccer and of course BEER. 


Ian Marriott, Brewer

Ian likes power tools.


Ben Gabler, Beertender

A California native, Ben has lived all over the Golden State including Los Angeles, Santa Barbara County, Berkeley and Amador County, but has called Sacramento home for the past ten years.  Passionate about quality over quantity, he is thrilled to be a part of the Sacramento craft beer atmosphere springing up so rapidly.  Any activity that allows him to enjoy a delicious beer outdoors is usually a good place to find him. Golfing, camping, and attending music festivals are some of his favorite activities. He is the proud owner of three Shiba Inus and has fun taking them out to parks and on camping trips. With a gift for gab, be careful engaging in conversation with this socialite, you may find yourself in an unending discussion about anything and everything all at once.