Year-round Beers

Beer With Purpose

Our list of  year-round brews. Please keep in mind that while these are year-round beers, not all beers are available at all times. See what's on draught right now!

Me Too! Session IPA

A hoppy, dry, and clean-finishing pale ale. Golden color. Brewed with judicious amounts of US hops to offer high bitterness and a lovely fruity hop aroma. Great for when hops are craved, but higher alcohol is not.

4.6% ABV - 70 IBU

Kid Casual Blond Ale - 2016 California State Fair Bronze Medal Winner

This award winning light american blond ale is perfect any time of year. Golden color. Light malt flavor with low bitterness, and a dry finish.

4.7% ABV - 15 IBU

Derby Gurl Amber Ale

A smooth and delicious amber ale that has a gentle note of roasted malt and a light bitterness. Deep amber color. Medium body with mild residual sweetness.

5.2% ABV - 30 IBU

Pincushion Pils German-Style Pilsner

Traditional German-Style Pilsner with a dry finish, light body, and bright noble hop character. Pale straw color. Brewed with imported German malt and hops, and cold-fermented with German lager yeast.

5.3% ABV - 28 IBU

Nosegrind Pale Ale

Traditional Pacific Northwest-style pale ale. Copper color. Medium-light body, gentle malt sweetness, and medium bitterness. 

5.5% ABV - 40 IBU

Pale as Night Black IPA

Also known as a Cascadian Dark Ale. Near-black color. Medium body, dry finish, and high bitterness to balance malt character. Floral hop aroma.

6.8% ABV - 80 IBU

Integral IPA

West coast-style India Pale Ale brewed with Midwest malt, Northwest hops, and California ale yeast. Copper color. Medium body, dry finish, medium bitterness, and light caramel malt flavors. Dry hopped with Mosaic hops to give a very pleasant hop aroma of berries, citrus, and tropical fruits.

7.0% ABV - 50 IBU

Anguish Double IPA

West coast-style Imperial India Pale Ale brewed with Midwest malt, Northwest hops, and California ale yeast. Golden color. Medium-light body, dry finish, high bitterness. Hop character is a wonderful balance between danky, fruity, and floral. 

8.5% ABV - 80 IBU

Brits in Moscow Russian Imperial Stout - 2016 California State Fair Bronze Medal Winner

Imperial stout brewed with 10 different grains for a very complex, yet delightful malt flavor. Black color. Medium body, mild malt sweetness, and medium-high bitterness. Notes of coffee, dark chocolate, molasses, and caramel. 

9.5% ABV - 60 IBU